Late summer surfers

Late summer surfers

It seems hard to believe, as I can hardly hear myself think in my little studio, as the rain hammers down on the roof, but we had been enjoying an Indian summer recently.

Lovely warm days that seemed to melt into evening as I took my evening stroll.

My Devon fields were teaming with life, butterflies , bees and birds.

And I enjoyed the shade on my daily walk.

In an attempt to hang onto that warm glow I thought I would show you this, here is a lovely little painting to remind of summer evenings on the beach.

First I sketched out 2 surfers heading for the sea.

Then the sky and the wet sand are a mirror image of each other.

Let that dry

Then add the sea, I just used indigo

Now the surf boards using yellow ochre.

And next the figures , done in indigo , but this time a much stronger tone.

And finally their all important reflections in the wet sand

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