We have just returned as a family from a lovely week away.Finally got the kids back to school on Monday and found myself back in my studio a loss. I know we all suffer from blocks from time to time but I was raring to go just ...for the life of me couldn't think what to do. Ideas popped in and out of my head but I couldn't settle on anything time to head outside ....My morning walks are my salvation (usually) I walked through the misty morning into glorious autumn sunshine

The views were amazing but back home I still couldn't settle. Maybe it was a day to put down the paintbrush and pick up the hoover, after all the house could do with it.

I sorted the washing and hung it outside , did everything I could think of ( save the ironing I wasn't quite that desperate!!!)

Then I sat back in my studio, twiddling my thumbs again, I began to sort through paintings and consider commissions I had ,then I came across a piece I had 'finished' a few weeks ago.......

Hmmm it needed work but what ....

I wasn't happy with the stag , this painting got my creative juices flowing again, I managed to wash out the stag and add to my painting before I knew it 4 hours had passed tinkering away on this picture.My autumn walk with the webs and seed heads had worked their magic, more and more ideas for more pieces flooded in but there wasn't time I will work on those as the week progresses, 

But for Monday I was just glad I had managed to get my mojo back.....



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Great job moving deer. Love the branches of seeds.

Klf Barrett

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