My Dirty Secrets....

My Dirty Secrets....

I am not a clean freak, oh no , far from it. I live in an old Devon Cottage with more cobwebs than there should be , too many books and a lot of dust. There are also two kids, a cat and a hamster to add to the mayhem as well as my hubby who also hasn't inherited a clean gene either. Don't get the wrong impression , it's not awful just a bit messy and I think I have carried my personality trait though to my painting technique.....

1. I NEVER have completely clean nails, my flicking and sploshing means that manicures are a distant memory. Last week I walked around with pink nails for several days as I had used watercolour ink and got carried away with the flicking. Ink takes quite a few days to disappear.....

2. I leave far too many bits of kitchen roll about, I use kitchen roll A LOT and I can forget to throw a finished piece of kitchen roll  in the recycling, so grabbing the wrong piece can result in a streak of yellow across a grey wing. But I do also think that unexpected things can happen and I am happy to spray my painting with water and then flicking a new splatter over the streak.



3. TEA this really is my nemesis, I drink far too much, I spill it on my work I dip my brushes in it but the odd splash here and there can enhance a work.....well that is what I like to think anyway


4. ...and it's not just tea, I spill water and drops of paint, but these accidents ( happy or otherwise ) can all become a part of my work. I am not too prissy, I like the mayhem on the paper, it tells a story and creates patterns I could never contrive in a million years.



5. My palette, now this is something that doesn't help. I can get so carried away in my work that I mix and use colours without rinsing my brush properly first. when I am painting something as delicate as an eye and I get a grey blob in it ...that can be very very annoying


6. Putting my brushes away the wrong way round, this is BAD I can think of no positive outcome from my tardiness here at all. They get bent out of shape and it does the bristles no good ,( although some of my ruined brushes do become good for flicking acrylic paint around)

7. ....and talking of flicking paint, I have a very unique phone cover, lamp shade, desk top etc etc all created by my messy painting technique

But as well as creating a mess I also get to create some intriguing and memorable paintings

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I already love your work to bits, but reading about how it comes to be makes it even more likeable! Please keep on doing what you do, I love it!


Thank you for that -made me smile a lot and increased the pleasure I get from your work

Shirley Griffiths

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