My new studio

My new studio

I sit here this morning from a wild and windy Devon, and I am so excited as I am now in a studio, having moved from my spare room ( which was my painting home for 3 years)

I live in a small village in mid Devon and we live in a small cottage in the village. The thing that led us to our cottage ( our home for nearly 20yrs) was the garden. It has lovely views over the countryside and is relatively large compared to our house. I have long since dreamed of a studio, and set my thoughts to the old brick shed at the back of the garden

Work began in September ....



Finally the structure was insulated, and watertight. I stipulated that i needed electricity and running water, it all took time and money but it was finished in mid October. ....sort of. It needed fitting out inside too



My husband did most of the work at weekends , we found an old Belfast sink on eBay , and he built work tables and shelves



It took a whole weekend to move all my stuff across and once in place I couldn't imagine how I had fitted it all in a small bedroom



There is still lots to do, I need my trusty oil filled radiator to keep me warm at the moment. But there is so much light and the views are inspirational



So my development as an artist continues and now I am so happy , what better Christmas present than this ,

my very own studio.....




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It looks absolutely perfect!

Amanda Heath

Lucky you…& what a lovely husband to put in all that hard work for you. It looks the perfect place for an artist to work in. Think I’d need more than an oil filled radiator for warmth though! 😊

Diane Brierley

Looks like a great place to create,being a photographer I know how important that is to an artist.I love your creations, you are so talented!👏👏

Marilyn Giannuzzi

It looks fabulous! What a wonderful Christmas present. : )

Deanna Black

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