My watercolour seas

My watercolour seas

I was looking back yesterday and noticed a subject I have returned to again and again, I do love the sea and I realised I have found many different ways to paint it.

This is an earlier example, painted mostly in indigo, just using one colour to describe the evening light at the end of a perfect day, the figure is my son running through the shallows.

This piece shows a rougher scene, again using a lot of indigo but this time with yellow ochre and cerulean blue to describe the movement of the waves I also used white acrylic for the white foam.


A full blown stormy sea this time, with the moon light on the waves , I under painted in yellow ochre , and went in strong with the indigo. I do have a blog that takes you step by step through a painting very similar to this one, The gulls add to the movement I think.

This piece shows the sea by not painting it at all !

Then my octopus is painted actually under the sea, with this piece I actually poured the paint down the piece and threw salt and rubbing alcohol on the wet paint to create the feeling of being 'in' the water.

Some of my seas are painted very simply , they are barely there, this is just Paynes grey , leaving the white paper to describe the waves.

And finally for today my latest seas show the wide ocean, I painted them carefully, sort of rubbing the paint into the paper and gently adding waves hear and there, The horizon fades away.


In the coming years I will continue to paint the sea, there is absolutely nothing better than losing yourself in the waves. 


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I too love the sea, in all it’s iterations. Your myriad depictions are lovely, each in their own way.

Lee O'Connell

Beautiful work!

Carolyn Moseley

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