One little bumble bee.

One little bumble bee.

If you know me then you'll know I love bees. They are starting to return to the hedgerows and flowers of Mid Devon and they are returning to my paintings too. I have been working on a very large piece this week and there are quite a few bumblebees in it. Here is step by step guide to just one little bee

Firstly I make a simple sketch 



Then I paint the tiny eye, leaving a white spot for the light reflected, there is cerulean blue in there too



Once I add a bit more blue for the antennae, and nosey bit. I move onto the yellows . I use Windsor yellow and cad orange and burnt sienna  to add graduation of colour to show light on the bee. I treat each little bee like finished painting in itself.



Then I add the blacks, be careful you remember which is yellow and which is black. I use Paynes grey for the blacks with blues in there too. Leave the yellow wet enough to allow the colours to merge without loosing the definition

i also painted his little legs



I keep going and added the pollen sack too with my lovely Windsor yellow, making sure there is a highlight on there.


Then finally i paint the wing and I add some clear varnish, to make them even more wing like



I hope you all have as much fun painting bumblebees as I do x


  • Polly wrigley

    Hi there,
    I followed your step by step guide to this very cute bumblebee and it turned out really well … you made it easy …. thank you so much. I’ve just started painting and I’m getting so much pleasure from it thanks to people like you 😀

  • Susan

    Thank you for sharing your techniques step by step. It really helps me to develop my painting. Your subjects give me inspiration when I run out of ideas. I tried this lovely bee and the results were amazing. I look forward to more blog inspiration!

  • Theresa Fitton

    I love this especially the tip about using the clear varnish, thank you.

  • Andrea

    I love your paintings of bumblebees.
    As a keen gardener, I plant flowers to attract these special fuzzy insects.

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