'Painters Block'

'Painters Block'

I am now in the enviable position to be able to paint every day, and I do treat it as professionally as I can . I begin work at around 9.30 and finish at about 5 ( but there are school runs and other parental duties needed too ) . I am sometimes asked by other artists who are just starting out ...

What do you do when you can't think of what to paint?

I have at times suffered from what I thought I would term 'Painters Block' but not very often . Here are some ways that could help.....

1. My daily walk, and I think this is so important to my day firstly it gets me moving but secondly and most importantly it gets me thinking. It sorts out my mood and I look around me at the beautiful place I am lucky to live in.I may not paint anything to do with Mid Devon but I can usually come up with a spark that I really want to get stuck into back home.

2.Keep a sketchbook, camera handy, if you are out and about and something catches your eye then make a note of it or take a quick snap just to jog your memory. This can then help in times of need, when your mind is blank you can look up earlier thoughts and away you go

3. Just get started, if I really can't think of what I want to paint I often paint an old favourite, something that gives me joy and while I paint away often a new idea will pop into my head. No painting is ever wasted they all add to your experience and knowledge . Revisiting a subject can ease you into another one or push your painting and make it even better

4. Don't be too hard on yourself, I can sometimes not have a thought in my head ( quite often if I am honest!) so looking through old work or looking at subjects that have inspired in the past can trigger a starting point, an idea. If it is a completely new subject then treat yourself kindly you may well not get it how you want first time,but if not put it to one side ( you have learnt lessons) and give it another go.

5. ...and finally if all else fails put your brushes down have a cup of tea, go for another walk, whatever you will live to paint another day x

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