Painting a chicken ( you did what ?)

Painting a chicken ( you did what ?)

Hi from a very sunny , rural mid Devon. Everything in the garden is blooming, I am picking handfuls of sweet peas daily, and trying to keep cool in my studio. Painting is tricky, whatever the weather, at the moment everything dries too quickly , and sunlight bleaches out the colours. A little like a gardener , nothing is ever just right.

We have been on our travels, picking up our eldest from University, He's finished his first year...oh my goodness it doesn't seem that long since I was taking him to his first day at pre-school!.

I have also been marvelling at some peonies I was gifted, Their tight buds now fully open, wow, isn't nature wonderful...could I possibly paint them...perhaps something for another week.


We have been trying to walk in the shade, by our local river and in the evening, all so lovely but boy we could do with some rain !

So today , I will attempt to show you my process in painting this chicken

I start with a sketch

Then I paint the finer details first


I started with the beak, I also masked out some white feathers on the tail and by the head,

Then I painted  his toenails ! ...oh and his eye

Then I painted the feet as well as I could.


Then I dipped my paint brush in the scarlet paint and painted his cone

So all the details are done.

So now I can let loose...

I under paint in cerulean blue and the quickly at payne's grey to show the feathers

What do you mean? I hear you cry, , this....

I know , I know it's scary , but while it is wet I go in with my paynes grey , with wild confident brush strokes, and for good measure I throw on some table salt, then let him dry, in the sun.


When he's dry I can rub off the masking fluid, add any splots and splashes I like , and my chicken is done !!


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I love this easy instruction and will definitely give it a go. Please paint the Peonies because I have some photos and am not sure how to tackle! Thank you!


Thank you for the detailed instructions—I love your art and enjoy all the paintings you share
A kindred spirit🎨


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