Painting a flamingo ( something to paint on a difficult day)

Painting a flamingo ( something to paint on a difficult day)

Oh my, what strange and crazy times we are living through. I know we are all having to live with a whole new normal. I expect some of you are restricted to your homes and have no idea how long you'll be there,feeling vulnerable and isolated.Others have children at home, maybe feeling scared and fed up , or simply just bored. Some of us are worried about our livelihoods, some of us have all these worries.  It makes you think doesn't it, but I have been heartened by how communities are helping each other , friends and neighbours are connecting in other ways. I have always connected with you all virtually but that doesn't stop me from feeling I have made real friends and supporters via FB, or the internet. I hope this blog and maybe some of my other blogs may offer some support and solidarity through these difficult days. Let's be kind to each other and support people who need help. And what better to have a go at a painting on a bad news day and what better than a happy pink flamingo !!

Firstly sketch the flamingo



Now I want this to be fun, I want a splishy splashy flamingo so take out a spray bottle 

I spray the paper around the feathers. Then I mix a flamingo colour, a mixture of rose madder and cadmium orange.

Then I have fun splashing and splattering it over where I sprayed the water. This picture shows how wet the paper is ( I hope)


Then the droplets can merge, and create their own patterns. Don't do too heavy or use too strong colour.


When you are happy leave it to dry, then you can move onto the flaming proper. I paint the eye and the beak very carefully


I then move onto the rest of the body , look for the lights and dark tones. I use an under-painting of yellow then drop the orange /pink mixture into it

I am now painting more and more loosely , it is good fun, and all absorbing. The best way to forget about the world is to do something like this, it takes over everything, even if it goes wrong , try again, creativity is a wonderful therapy.


I want to paint the body loosely , let the drips and splatters tell the story, then suggest the legs and the water.



And that is my splishy splashy happy flamingo. Have a go, or have a go at another painting or drawing. Be creative and enjoy the Spring sunshine. We are definitely all in this together so although we can feel alone , remember we all feel the same, and there is a lot of kindness in the world. 

I will try to post blogs for anyone who wants to have a go at watercolours, sending everyone lots of love x


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Thank you for this blog! You have an amazing talent and it’s so generous of you to share how you create your work. I came across you accidentally whilst searching for ideas on how to paint a kingfisher. I struggle painting loose but your mini tutorials are fabulous. I followed your kingfisher tutorial and love how my attempt turned out. Stay safe and well and again, thank you x

Lynn Bailie

I want to thank you for creating this blog as a forum to reach out to everyone during this pandemic. Your paintings caught my attention on twitter first. Then when I viewed your blog, I thought Brilliant! Guiding our way through the process of your painting is a great way to focus on the creativity in everyone. Really good job. 🎭


What a great painting! I love it and I love flamingos. I have just recently started painting in acrylics and would to like to try painting flamingo. Now would be a great time to do so.
I have been enjoying your FB posts for several months. Your paintings always bring a smile to my face. They are all wonderful.
Thank you! be safe and keep healthy.


Love it.

David J

Hi Rachel
I love you work and have followed you for a few months now. I love your elderly people paintings.
I also paint in watercolour when I am able to because I am a full time carer.
Thanks for the lovely blog. It was nice to read as you are right, this is hard and unpredictable times we are currently living in and hope it soon turns around!
The flamingo is beautiful like the rest of your work :) yes let’s support one another and be kind! Take care :)

Alisha Cassidy

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