Painting Bertie Badger in a quick loose style

Painting Bertie Badger in a quick loose style

I think my style has changed subtly over time , I want to find ways to describe things that use watercolour to it's best advantage, Watercolour is the only medium I have ever seriously used and I love the way it can move and create patterns on the paper.

I feel I need a lifetime to begin to tame it and stretch my ability as far as I can. 

This time I am trying to paint a badger, using looser strokes , and lots of water.

First I sketch out the image and make sure the major parts are in the right place.



Then a treat for me, this bit isn't loose at all but I can paint the eye. I carefully make sure I leave some white of the paper and add some cerulean which is in effect reflecting the sky. I use very small brushes and take some paint out to create reflection. The eye socket is important too , the eye has to sit in the right place.



Now I can begin to add more water and play around with the shapes. I add blues and purples to the black and white areas to create shadows and highlights. I want splashes and splatters , I want happy accidents . I want it to look spontaneous, so let the paint move and see what happens



I need to paint the badger's nose carefully as this ( like the eye) is an anchor to the painting) but the rest of the piece is suggestion. I get looser and looser and throw paint at the paper. pick up the piece and move it around, I use a spray bottle and clean water flicked on the paper.

I like to see the way it reacts and I like to see what happens. I also threw on a bit of salt at the end for good measure and then if you can leave it alone for an hour or so .

If you need to tinker after that then do , but I like to think you have left some work for the viewer to do



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  • Helena

    Wonderful painting. I have just discovered your blog and am so enjoying reading your past posts. I love your work and as a beginner with watercolour, getting so frustrated with my lack of ability to make it do what I want, I’m finding it so useful the way you go through paintings step by step. Even saying what colours you use is so helpful. Your paintings are inspiring me to keep on trying and giving me something to try to achieve. Thank you for sharing.

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