Painting my mood

Painting my mood

I have been thinking recently about what I paint and why. I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to paint is to go with my mood. 

Some days I like to paint very messily throwing paint around, trying to capture movement or feathers. Some days I go for my walks and I want to capture that Mid Devon feeling. The high hedges and abundant vegetation. I love to get lost in the greens and the shadows. the billowing cow parsley and abundant wildflowers.

Other days I want to be more precise spending all day painting a bluebell, or the eye of a hare, and I think when I am true to my mood the paintings benefit. There are days when I try to force something and there is a tightness about the work, and so as I grow as a painter I realise I am best doing what inspires me that day.

Today it was the thought of summer, as I walked along in the Spring sunshine ( although it was a bit chilly ) the cow parsley was beginning, there was the  promise of foxgloves, bees were buzzing and the nettles were that amazing acidic green. I had all day and I wanted to paint early summer.

I have reference photos that I snap as I walk by, I have foxgloves and nettles, so I draw a made up scene including all the plants I want to pant, then some butterflies and bees to give it life, maybe a lady bird or a spider's web. I mask out parts I want to remain white and then this morning I begin at one end and work my way steadily and thoughtfully across the page. I can honestly say I have had a lovely day painting the wild hedgerows of the place I love to call home, Mid Devon.

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