Painting my roses

Painting my roses

So today I write my blog after listening to the news no one wanted to hear, war in Europe.... it all feels very scary. I don't know all the implications, or the complicated issues at stake , but I do know that powerful leaders with guns and soldiers are never a good idea. 

I went for my usual walk this morning, and took comfort in the things that remain constant, we have been battered by storms but to see trees ,resilient to the weather standing proud, was a joy.

My thoughts also go out to people worried about rising flood water, or worst of all, flooded already . We as a world have too much other stuff to deal with surely? Without fighting over pieces of land?

Looking out over the Devon countryside, on this blustery but bright Spring day was a tonic.

So as I sip my tea, and write this blog, looking at the words "I would always rather be happy than dignified" , written by the amazing Charlotte Bronte, 

I can smile, as it's a good job, as I fear I will never be very dignified. I have felt personally battered in recent years by illness , and more recently my car accident. We have all been touched by covid and climate change. But I refuse to think of myself as unlucky, I am , I know I am very very lucky

I am so fortunate to have some very kind friends, a dear friend who I worked with 20 years ago now, when she heard about my car accident was kind enough to send me some flowers. How lovely is that ?

So after I had arranged them in an a vase, I decided  to paint one.

I sketched out a single rose, 

Then began to add colour starting with the very back petals.

I wet the whole shape of the petal, then carefully dropped my delicate colours in.

The edges of the petals are green, with touches of pink, then I add a shadow colour with a mixture of cadmium red and cobalt blue.

I then start to paint the spiky leaves at the bottom of the rose.

Then I add the stem, 

I thought I would experiment a bit with the background colour too, so the rose would stand out, magenta, purple and rose pink all added then I splash on some water to create watermarks and patterns.


Leave it to dry and I have a permanent reminder of a lovely gift.

And a reminder of how lucky I am, I hope I can pass some of my good wishes on to all of you 

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Have just found your page.This rose is beautiful,loved reading your blog and will be sure to continue ,something uplifting in these frightening times x

Linda Irving

Thank you for giving and sharing we all need friends, kindness costs nothing.
Beautiful painting I learn so much from your blogs especially backgrounds they add such depth and movement to my still flat paintings.

Diane Hayward

Thank you for the beautiful, fleeting images. I love watercolors. They give the image a heavenly lightness
Best regards and good health


Dziękuję za piękne, ulotne obrazy. Koch akwarele. Nadają obrazowi niebiańskiej lekkości
Pozdrawiam i życzę zdrowia



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