Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Hello , a bit of a different blog today, I was asked by a young A level student, to answer some questions for her course work, they really made me think , about who I am as an artist and why I do what I do, I didn't go into great depth, but I did think you might be interested too.


I have had a wonderful week, so many birthday wishes, and gifts, some lovely flowers from my mum


So sitting in my studio this morning I took some time to answer her questions .



What inspires your work?

 Devon, wherever I am inspires me, I think as artists we learn to look , and so if I am home, then Mid Devon inspires me, the birds, the wildlife , the high hedges etc etc. I also am inspired by the medium, I love watercolour, and I like to see how far I can push it


Are there any other artists which inspire your work?

I love to see other artists work, I love a watercolourist called David Parfitt RI


Also Kurt Jackson


Martin Aveling, for his love of the natural world


and Turner, of course who doesn’t love Turner


What do you want viewers of your work to feel/experience looking at your work? Is there any particular message/meaning/emotion behind your work (noting that this may vary from piece to piece)?


I do want viewers to take different things from different pieces. Sometimes humour, sometimes a feeling of a particular place, sometimes just the beauty of a creature or flower. I want them to enjoy the painting for the skill involved, and I like to leave parts looser to leave parts to the viewers imagination



What scale do you usually work in/prefer to work in?


I generally work on a small scale, A4 or A3. I like to work quickly and can get easily bored. I like the size it works well with watercolour


What is your primary medium that you work in? why do you choose to work in this medium?


Watercolour, watercolour watercolour, I love watercolour, I love that it is tricky, that it takes a lifetime to master ( if then) that it is portable, accessible, moveable, spontaneous. I feel watercolour is a bit of an underdog in the arty world, and I think it is magical, get it right and it sings, get it wrong and it’s awful !

Watercolour all the way for me



Can you give a rough description of the process you go through when creating a piece of work?


I tend to be inspired by something, or have a commission to start, so I sketch out my piece either using photos or being there, then I work from light to dark. If painting an animal I always start with the eye. I like detailed work and loose work to provide tension in a piece. I write a blog each week





where I try to explain my process


How did you develop your style of work?

I am self taught, but I do go to see a lot of exhibitions and visit a lot of galleries, I love to see how others do things and adapt my style. I like to see what I can do


How would you describe your style of work, what characterises it as your work?


I want it to be described  as well done, with a looseness of touch , and a confidence. I think I am especially known for the way I paint bees



That's a bit about why I do what I do



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Such an interesting blog. I think it is amazing how you add emotion to your art , be it a stillness, humour or action as in the flight of birds.
I love watercolour but so hard to master!!


I enjoyed reading this different blog very much.
Your comment about mastering watercolour resonates with me too!
I will check out the artists you sight.
Happy birthday too! Thank you and I love your work.

Lynne Pearson

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