Out of the ashes, a new painting arises. Hellebore.

Out of the ashes, a new painting arises. Hellebore.

Hello, Thursday is here again. We are trundling through February and I expect you, like me are so grateful to see each new Spring flower, and fresh green shoot. The days are certainly getting longer and it feels like I am beginning to breathe again.

Here in Mid Devon, the past few days have been glorious, with warm Spring sunshine, and mild temperatures. To sit in the garden with the sun warming my bones is a treat. and here in Mid Devon we have the whole of Spring and summer before us. 

It feels odd to be waxing lyrical about how lovely life is when news from other parts of the world is so horrendous. I do feel though that I need to help when and where I can , then take a step back to enjoy the beauty around me. We need to look after ourselves so we can help others .

So Wednesday morning I go walking with a group of inspiring women. Yesterday we went to Dartmoor. 

We scrambled up Kestor and marveled at the view, and seeing the natural rock basin in the granite stone.

Finally heading back through woodland and being delighted by a carpet of snowdrops at Scorhill

Now today's blog is about reusing, reworking an older painting. I probably painted the original hellebore about 10 years ago....


And while it has a certain charm , it's not great. So do I chuck it on the fire or see what can be saved.

I began by taking a 'miracle' sponge, and lots of sprayed on water and gently rubbing bits I didn't like.

I will get closer so you can see what I have done...this is a bit like one of those 'spot the differences' isn't it?

I have tried to remove a lot of the too obvious lines on the flower. I want to be more subtle if I can. Don't go mad, think about what to keep, and what to let go.

I have also re-drawn the edges of some of the petals.


Now the fun bit. I am going dark...to bring out the lightness of the flower.

I mix dark greens, indigo, mauve, and purple. Mix colours you like.

Can you see how getting really dark next to the flower, really makes it pop. I am also keeping some leaves , the ones I like.


Keep going, work fast. Have fun!

I like to enjoy these 'experiments' and beleive me a lot do end up on the fire. But the more you do the more you get a feeling for what might work. I am adding a bit of food wrap ( cling film) for texture, while the paint is still wet. Maybe chuck some table salt on there too.

Now leave the whole thing to dry, overnight is best.

I have tinkered a bit with the leaves, and added some spots and splashes. I worked a bit on the centre of the flower, and I darkened some places. And now I have a whole new piece, one born from the ashes of the old one. I am happy with it, and the signs of new growth it represents. 




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