Sennen Cove from Gwenver Beach

Sennen Cove from Gwenver Beach

Two weeks ago we  spent a week down at Sennen cove , in the far west of Cornwall. A lovely place about a mile from Lands End, we go every year ( when we can) and it has become familiar and comforting in so many ways.

I promised you then a step by step painting of a grander sea scape, I love to paint when I am away

I am always looking , especially when every view is a feast for the eyes, and when you become a painter you are then trying to find ways to interpret what you see.

This is a familiar view along the coast path, we have walked many times , from  that leads from Cape Cornwall towards Sennen.

At Gwenver beach you can see the cove in the distance, and that was the view I wanted to show you today.

First I sketched out the general view.

Then a light summery sky, using yellow ochre,cerulean blue and  pale grey , to hint at a sky. I wet the paper first then added the colour in a wet in wet wash.

Then I painted the distant headland, in yellows, greens , blues greys and oranges. The very tip is a darker grey colour to signify the rocks , in shadow there.

Then more of the dunes and grasses

Next I painted the sea, as quickly as I could, using cerulean blue, cobalt blue and indigo with a touch of red.


Now I blocked in the rocks in a mixture of yellow ochre and burnt umber

And finally the near headland in brighter yellows and greens

Next I hinted at the town of Sennen by adding shadows in grey and some white acrylic, for the highlights. Just hint a shapes of houses and gable ends , try not to be too specific.

Now I added highlights and colours into the rocks, as well as some greens and blues into the see.

I keep standing back and seeing what I need to do, more here, or less there.

I add some lights and darks to the near vegetation and splatter on some greens and white acrylic to suggest grasses



A joy to paint a place so close to my heart, and good practice at trying to say a lot with as little as possible 




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I’m the fellow that mentioned that you should find some old guys, overweight and in the european swimsuits. I am a follower of yours and enjoy your beach work, bringing back memories of my family at the beach.

Once again thank you for the beautiful work and I am so glad I found you.

Larry Corley





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