Seven steps to painting a hedgehog

Seven steps to painting a hedgehog

As the nights are drawing in and Autumn is upon us I thought it about time to paint another hedgehog as he snuffles around getting ready for winter. I hope you find my step by step guides interesting whether you intend to have a go or just interested in my process

Step 1

I draw a simple sketch and thinly mask out the whiskers with masking fluid. I also splash some masking fluid around to add some texture to the finished piece. I find just throwing it at the paper helps. ( I have never been noted for my neatness!)

Step 2 

Unusually for me I started with his little snout. I wanted it to look shiny and wet. I used blue and cadmium red. I used some burnt umber and cobalt blue, and then for the very dark darks I never use black but a mixture of indigo and sepia.

Step 3


I use tiny brushes and try to get the colours to merge, but it takes a lot of practice, and a lot of looking to understand what you are painting.Now I move onto the eye with the same level of detail.

Step 4.

Always leave a speck of white in the eye I don't use masking fluid for this as I want soft edges, but when you are starting out you might want to as it can be tricky controlling tiny amounts of water. 

Step 5

Now I can get a lot looser. I turn the painting upside down as the spikes face away from the hedgehog, never be afraid to pick up your painting and manipulate the water, but just be aware if you like what is happening then keep it still, as moving it around will change it. The more you do things the more confident you will be .

Step 6.

So to create the texture and the spikes I work wet in wet with a mixture of cobalt blue and cadmium red. The whole hedgehog is very wet and I drop colours into it where I think they work best.

Step 7

Finishing touches. I like to flick some white acrylic to add more texture on the spikes, as well as some darker purple. I have added a suggestion of leaves ,some splashes and flicks. I now need to leave him  and come back when it is completely dry, to rub of the masking fluid and let the paper settle down . I can tweak him a bit and hey presto he is done !

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The love of my life is a 75 lb bundle of joy, my canine friend, “Bear”. His absolute favorite stuffed toy is, yes you guessed it, a Hedgehog! From that, I have become quite interested in these little creatures and painting them has been a bit challenging. Thank you for your marvelous instruction video! I live it! Bear will not be chewing on this version!


this style of painting really sings to me! it’s so beauty full , interesting, colorful ,, i’m an absolute rank beginner i need to be shown how to do everything , how do i start? what paper to get which brushes./ everything is a mystery. what is masking fluid ? how do you know which brush to use? how much water?


I’m so sorry, I have no idea why it’s posted multiple copies of my comment… please, can you delete all but one? I don’t want people to think I’m an attention seeker or whatever 🙏🏻 Help, please


Thank you so much for sharing your process. Someone else asked if you film yourself doing these. Do you? Maybe a YouTube channel? I had a couple accidents about 10 years ago and am just starting to try and drag myself out of the abyss (I haven’t been able to work and have to survive on a pension. I hate it! I LOVED working and the money and sense of self and ability to help others). Anyway, since I don’t have lots of dough, I stupidly (because art supplies cost a fair bit in Australia) picked art therapy. Why? Well, I have loved art and colours since I was little and thought it might be a good way to try and bring some joy back into my black, grey and a tiny bit of white, life. Why hedgehogs? Well, I LOVE animals and they are just THE cutest!! I WISH I lived in the UK where there are hedgehogs, badgers, moles, and ask those other gorgeous, glorious woodland creatures.

Your painting is quite wonderful but a little bit more complex that I think I’m able to try at the moment. So, I’m going to save it for a little later. I’ve been painting line drawings/paintings in watercolour and a charcoal block, of nudes, with a superfine brush. I’m excited to work my way up to trying the complexities of your beautiful painting of such a charming, adorable and slightly cheeky little fellow. Thanks again for your willingness to share your work and allow us to try and copy it. ❤️🙏🏻👩🏼‍🎨🎨

Angela Bay-Jespersen

I absolutely fascinated by all your paintings, and I tried tonight this hedgehog – thank you for sharing your work.


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