Soaking in the view

Soaking in the view

I have just returned from another short trip to Cornwall, to one of my favourite places ,Sennen Cove. I think some places just get under your skin for many many reasons. Sennen is just such a place ( for me) , I have always loved the sea, since being a small child. I have always collected shells and rocks, beach combing is a contemplative , peaceful occupation ( and much cheaper than shopping!). I love it!

I love the sound and smell of the sea, I love swimming in the sea, and as an artist I love to look at the sea. 



Sennen is a special place for me it holds very special memories  We have taken our children there, swam there ,attempted to surf there. We know it well and return once or twice a year. This year it has meant so much more to me. As I dreamt of where I could go when we were allowed out, it wasn't to exotic places  ,it was to Sennen Cove that I yearned to go , a small town on the tip of Cornwall.

I am sure you all have your own special places., and there were many people in Sennen this week, many who ,I am sure had similar dreams to me. But it was a real treat to spend time there , soak in the views and take deep breaths ( as my grandma would say).

It was my sister who booked a lovely holiday home on the hill top above the beach we could watch the sunset from our patio.

"But this is a painting blog" I hear you cry...." tell us about the painting!"

Well as soon as I get to Sennen I feel inspired to paint the sea. I get asked a lot, "what should I paint", I say go for a walk, look at old photos, leaf through travel guides. Something will catch your eye and go with it. If you get that feeling of inspiration then the painting is usually all the better for it.


We went on a lot of walks along the coast path, and were lucky enough to have a good view from  our holiday let, careful not to splash paint everywhere I set to work.


If the weather is fine I would paint in the garden

I take just enough stuff, not my whole studio! A selection of brushes, a board, paper, my palette, the binoculars so I could see the details that were a way off in the distance.


Painting is not an exact science


but it is all about observing and interpreting. Looking and looking at the sea, and then trying to capture it in paint.


I also love to visit galleries while I am down there. To see how others interpret what they see, gain inspiration form them, see a new way of seeing. On a wet drizzly morning we set off to st Just to see Kurt Jackson's work


Then St Ives to the Tate, and to see Alfred Wallis's grave, , I don't like to copy others, but I like to see what they do, sometimes I love it sometimes I don't but I always learn something. Open your mind to everything and be prepared to change course.... I don't think we ever stop learning 


.Amazingly the day improved ( weather wise) we sat on the beach watching the last surfers of the day. My piece wasn't an exact copy of what I saw but it had a feel of what was around me.

and the painting inspired by the last surf of the day.

Sennen never ceases to inspire me, looking either way you see new things, the sea changes everyday, from a misty morning

To the crashing waves on the rocks

Whatever inspires you to paint , then have a go. I have written a lot of blogs, with step by step guides, and I will write many more.But today I wanted you to be  inspired, have a go and I promise, you will never forget a painting done, sitting on a clifftop, soaking in the view.



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Your work is so beautiful and your style is exactly what I love and wish I had your talent/gift! I had a smile on my face the whole time I was viewing all your works! Thank you so much for sharing with us and letting us see thru your eyes. Annie, U.S.A.


Thank you for sharing. Would love to visit Cornwall one day 😍
Your paintings are just beautiful 💕


I’ve just discovered your lovely work! My late husband spent many hollidays in Cornwall and although I have never been there, I recognize the views and atmosphere immediately! He would’ve loved your work as much as I do. Thank you for creating beautiful memories. Carina wrigley. XX

Carina Wrigley

Thank you for sharing your inspiration, experience and time at Sennen Cove. Wonderful moments, new memories made and beautiful paintings. Isles Of Scilly for us is also magical!


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