Some days....

Some days....

I like to talk honestly about my life as a watercolour artist, and I know I have a lot to learn. But some days I have a flood of ideas and off I go. Some of my best paintings have been painted very quickly with a flurry of a brush . Bish, bash, bosh and there they are. Other days....hmmm it is like I have to chisel the painting out of the paper and even then.

I know , I know people say leave it and do something else, but I am hooked, well and truly hooked and a day when I don't paint feels wasted. I have so much to say on the paper and some days it just doesn't flow like it can.

Take this owl for example, I really wanted to paint him, I was keen, enthusiastic, brimming with ideas but he didn't work how I wanted him to.

The finished piece annoyed me, and I couldn't figure out why. I stood him on my ledge where I leave my work for a day of so and he kept looking at me ( those big eyes I suppose) There were lines where I didn't want them and like an itch you need to scratch I either thought I would destroy him or take drastic action

I picked him up taped to the board and washed a lot of him under the tap. I played about with splatters and splashes, with silver ink and with white acrylic. I must have washed off and added paint several times. Trying to stand back, trying to chisel out an image from the paper that I liked.....

Finally exhausted I gave up and with paint everywhere.....and here he is. Did I make it better or worse decide.

But some days are just like that.

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He’s fantastic – in both versions, though my preference is before, rather than after because he looks like he is in a cosy place in snow storm looking out at the world. (Just wanted to let you know that you’ve got me hooked too now! I’ve been trying a lot inspired by your work, following your blogs (thanks for being so generous) with some good results and some – ahem – not so good. But definitely hooked! xx Elizabeth

Elizabeth A Robertson

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