Something for you to do in the summer holidays with the kids or on your own , have fun!

Something for you to do in the summer holidays with the kids or on your own , have fun!

I find great joy in painting, and have always been creative . Most of us are as children, we don't feel we need to be perfect we just have fun. I hope some of you can feel that joy of creating again, I think it is there within us all to some degree. Today  written a simple blog, maybe something you could try with your children or grandchildren, or for those of you who feel 'you can't paint' , this might be something for you to try too, because I think everyone can paint, and the results don't matter it's the fun in having a go. 

So here is my simple seascape, 

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am an artist, I use watercolour paint to make my paintings, so if you want to paint some pictures like mine, watercolour paints are what you need. That is any paint that is soluble in water. The better-quality paints you can get then the better the colours, but any paint will do really. I also use watercolour paper but use any paper you have. Try to get the thickest and strongest paper you can. You will also need some a board or thick cardboard, masking tape, , some cling film, a spray bottle, thin cardboard, some clean pots to put water in, kitchen roll and some brushes of different sizes.

Painting a seascape

  1. First tape your paper to the board using masking tape



2.Then use masking tape and a piece of paper , to mask off the sea, so you can get on with painting the sky.



3.Paint the whole sky with water




4.I use a big brush and clean water



5.Now paint the sky, onto the wet paper, paint around the clouds, using light blue.


  1. I use yellow along the horizon


7.I dab off any bits I don’t like using kitchen roll and add some darker blues and purply shadows. But you do the sky how you like, it could all be blue, a very summery day.




8.Let the paint be and leave to dry.



  1. When completely dry remove the masking tape and now cover the sky with paper and masking tape.




 10.Now you can paint the sea,. Cover the sky with some clean white paper




  1.  Paint the paper with water first, in horizontal strokes, like the sea.



Now add colour, darker blue at the top getting lighter as you come down the paper.


Use kitchen roll to dab off any excess water or paint from your brush


  1. You can add some darker horizontal lines to look like waves too.

13.Now you can remove the paper and masking tape covering the sky, and leave to dry






14.Now use some dark colour to create rock shapes in the foreground, at the bottom of your seascape.



Do any shape you like.


 15.Now get some cling film and pop it over the wet paint of your rocks

You need to patient now, as this takes a while to dry , and don’t leave outside as the slightest breeze can blow your cling film away.





16.Now make a v shape with some thin card


And add some sea gulls, by using the v shape to print with.

 17.Now you can remove the cling film and have a look at your masterpiece.



Can you see that by having masking tape all the way round the painting , you now have a nice border.


The sea is so interesting to paint you could try different skies, different seas or make the sky larger and the sea smaller. Have fun and see what happens.

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So inspiring!!!
Thank you ❤

Doretta Kostakis

Thank you for sharing your lovely work. The step by step instructions is so very helpful…thanks again!

Rose Calton

That’s so simple but so lovely!

Kathy George

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