Splishy spashy bluebells

Splishy spashy bluebells

Hello, another Thursday and another blog.

I seem to have lots of work to get on with, and I have been posting lots of things to lots of places, which means lots of writing and packing up of orders. I am so very grateful when an order pings into my inbox, but unlike the mighty online companies, there is only me , here in my little studio, trying my best to get everything you order packed and ready. Keeping up with stock and fluctuating demand. So do forgive me if I don't always get straight back to you I do try to answer queries , but sometimes they slip past my radar.

When everything seems to go pear shaped, my best retreat is to head for the hills, the hills near my home, Mid Devon never fails to soothe my soul.

We also have to anxious teenagers sitting GCSE's and A levels respectively, so we as parents have become, timetable gurus, impromptu  question askers and frequent tea makers. As the difference between plant and animal cells is tried to be remembered and pure maths A level is well and truly puzzled over. Mum is of very little help!

So me and hubby treated ourselves to a wonderful walk in a local blue bell wood....boy did we need to leave the stress behind.

Our native British bluebells are a real treat

So I chose a particularly handsome plant and decided to show you how I painted it this week.

Fist I sketched it out, then I sprayed the paper with water, using a small spray bottle. Then I looked carefully at the bluebell to see which colours were there. I then held the well loaded brush horizontally over the paper and tapped it so the colour fell onto the parts I'd sprayed and spread out a bit. I used Cerulean blue, violet, colbalt blue, and mixtures of all three. Quite watery and let it do it's thing and dry.


Then I began to paint the flowers , starting at the end and letting the colour of the flowers merge into the splodges I had produced.

I take my time and really look at the colours. I add some alizoran crimson , the pinky hue. Start with the palest cerulean blue then add darker blues and pinks and purples into it.

Keep going observing as you go.

More flowers that open up as you move down the stem.

Then I tackled the stem, which moves from purple to green 

This is a painting you can do in stages, do a flower or two and come back to it. Just lose yourself in the bluebells for a while, ....I added a bee, well why not?

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This is lovely! I really like the “splatters” (I dont know the technical term!)that you incorporate in your work!


Oh, this is so very beautiful!


I absolutely love your work!


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