Spring !

Spring !

I am sitting here in my garden studio with Spring sunshine streaming through the window, I can hear the sound of a lawn mower in the distance, and anyone looking in on this scene would think all was well in the world. But we all know how different the world seems today for all of us, I think the best way for us 'normal' folk to get through it is to take each day as it comes. I know I am so grateful for the sunshine the U.K. has just now, and a simple stroll around the garden( I know how lucky I am to have that).We need to stay put so those that need to can do their jobs and everyone else can stay safe, it is a very small thing , but I will try to o a blog every week and hope it gives you something to read, and for those more adventurous something to try and paint.

I would love to read your comments, and also any queries you have I will try to answer.

So as  i started by saying, Devon unusually at the moment is bathed in sunshine, our lanes and plants are bursting into life, here is a virtual view for those of you stuck indoors , and something you might want to try to paint. This is the road out of our village.


Then from the photo I do a very simple sketch. Don't feel you need too much detail, my paintings are all about impressions of a scene instead of too much detail.



Now to start a scene like this. We are going to start with the most distant part. Paint that far bank that is disappearing around the corner. I use a pale mixture of blue and red to paint the very distant trees, and then add a bit of yellow and greeny blue for the bank. Here in Devon we are blessed with high hedgerows and banks studded with primroses.Think of the section as one whole, and add, different colours to give the impression of grass and plants, don't be too specific. 

Then the next lightest bit the lane, I just used yellow ochre with a touch of brown to knock it back and some bluey purple down the middle.


Now we can move onto the bank on the right hand side. I started my rolling my brush on the paper with lemon yellow and green gold to give the impression of buds coming to life. Then moved down to the vegetation on the bank, adding trees and branches as I go. Some lighter in the distance some darker nearer the viewer. 

Now onto the main bank on the left. 

Now it was at last useful to have my teenage son at home as he could take some picture while I painted. First I paint the trunk in a very wet yellow ochre, then...


I drop dark brown ( sepia) or ( burnt umber with a touch of blue) along the edge of the yellow ocher. This makes  the tree look real, it creates patterns on the trunk. I can drop green in too while it's wet so it looks like moss.

Have fun but remember which is your dark and light side.


Next I painted the primroses that are very close and then moved onto the vegetation around them so it all is one piece. Let colours merge together, use water as your glue. Drop colours in and try to do it in one go so it doesn't get too muddy


Now finally the shadows. Mix a shadow colour , on this piece I used cobalt blue and a touch of burnt umber, make sure you have enough to do it in one go. Take a deep breath and go for it, you need to paint this in one go or else it doesn't look right.

Some of the shadows go up the bank, be brave, but remember it's only a painting

if it goes wrong the one thing we all have at the moment is plenty of time to have another go.


I am so pleased to be able to show you all my Mid Devon through my art, I hope it brings a bit of Spring sunshine to you wherever you find yourselves, stay safe x



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Hi this is very creative and kind of you and an inspiration for others to also find their hidden talents and gifts
Thanks . Stay safe. Regards Louise Wilken South Africa

louise wilken

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