Top Ten Watercolour Mishaps !!

Top Ten Watercolour Mishaps !!

So we have a new king crowned and in what seemed very fitting 'British' weather too. We watched a bit, joined in a bit with local celebrations , and we too were amazed by the spectacle that was put on in London. Then we got back to our normal lives, I feel very happy that our new monarch is not only concerned with climate change, is trying be inclusive, but most importantly of all ( in my eyes ) is a watercolourist  Horray !!



Today is a busy day at my house, we are busy packing for a long weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, hopefully the sun will shine and I can have a few hours painting new scenery.

Here in Devon the heavens have opened,


on Tuesday the lanes were like little rivers, but between the showers the sun has shone, and we have managed some rather squelchy walks in a local wood.

The up side of all this sunshine and showers is that the verges are so green, the cow parsley is so tall and there seem more wildflowers than ever.


So because I have 101things to do I thought I would have a bit of fun and tell you my top 10 watercolour blunders...regularly done by ,me counting down from 10 to 1....

At 10 ....Not washing my brushes properly before I start painting.

At 9 ...Beginning with a bad sketch that turns into a bad painting !

At 8...Poor composition !

At 7....Dipping my brush in the wrong colour !!

At 6 ....Pulling the paper off with the masking tape!

At 5 ..keeping going till the colours get muddy

At 4...not waiting till the masking fluid is dry !!!

At 3 Not changing the water often enough ....

At 2... getting a droplet of water on the brush then it drops on the painting ruining a delicate part of the painting like the eye of an animal !

At 1 ..every watercolourists nemesis dipping the brush in my tea!!!


Enjoy your watercolours and watch out for that brush in your cup of tea!

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Very entertaining, thank you :-D I’ve learned from the 10 mistakes the hard way, too :-D But wait! I always wash my brushes properly and change the water often enough – due to my OCD/Monk mind. My paint box always sparkles and shines with cleanliness – the nightmare of every true artist, I guess. But instead I dip my brush in my coffee mug, and dipped it in my ashtray full of ashes and cigarette butts, when I was still a smoker ;-)


Love the tea one! Have a great break💕

Jane Martin

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