The Bee's Knees

The Bee's Knees

I have always been fascinated by small things out on a walk I am hunting for jewels that attract my attention


, and my attention was grabbed some years ago by bees. I love to watch them, and I love to paint them

I have also written several blogs about them.

I love to start with the details, the legs look how much detail there is in a bees little legs.


the bees knees

the wings.

Then I like to go mad and spray water, let watercolour do it's thing.



I love to see the difference between the details and the furry body, and the more you paint things the more you see in them



 Another bee painting....


1. Sketch out my little bee



2 . I don't have an eye to paint this time so I paint in the antennae, and the delicate wings.




3. Then I have fun and get looser painting his furry body 



4. Finally I add the detail of his legs, I flick some gold ink on his back for the pollen and finish off the wings. A small painting for today, I am happy and tired this week, next week I have some commissions to finish and a mind full of ideas after seeing all the wonderful art in London.



I will never stop my fascination with bees, why not have a go, or browse around my website, there are plenty of bees to tempt you

Have a lovely Thursday x

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You’re the Bee’s Knees when it comes to painting them. Fabulous as always👏🏻

Julie Stevens

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