The end of a hot day

The end of a hot day

Today has been one of those hot summer days, the sort you can only dream of during the long winter months , but summer is most definitely here. I love Mid Devon in the summer and as I walk along the lanes I have a hundred and one new ideas buzzing through my head. I love the bright greens and the dark dark shadows that the trees and hedges cast. I store up images in my head and more practically in my phone .

However hot summer days bring their own challenges for the water-colourist not least the drying time. Watercolours are all about the control of the water and that changes with the weather so I have waited until the evening to paint today 

I strive to make my work looser and here is my quick attempt at a red admiral, working wet in wet and constantly spraying the paper and the paints

1. I quick sketch

2. Masking fluid to save the whites

3. Now the details painted as loosely as I can


4. The wings pose the greatest challenge I want the colours to merge I want the painting to look spontaneous

5.I work quickly from one wing to the next

6. Then spraying the paper to merge the colours to connect the butterfly to the foliage

7. So finally I have to paint a suggestion of a plant and leaves, then rub off the masking fluid.My aim as always is to suggest the butterfly, to paint the essence of it not to create a carbon copy, My painting is done


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What kind of species is this btfl?

P.s. Beautiful painting!


So much fun to see the process. :)


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