The Ups and Downs of getting ready for Devon Open Studios !!!

The Ups and Downs of getting ready for Devon Open Studios !!!

As I sit here writing, I have one hundred and one other jobs I should be doing for the start of Devon Open Studios on Saturday...but instead I have a nice cup of tea and I am collecting my thoughts for the final push.

Devon Open studios is a few weeks in September when 250 artists all over Devon open their doors , and studios to welcome people into 'their space' to see what they do. It is a great opportunity for artists to meet people who enjoy art , to talk about what we do and of course to make some sales. If you do get to visit ( and I hope you do) then I have found it is a good opportunity to buy art at reasonable prices and to get a real insight into the artist you are visiting. I have made some real friends via open studios and some very valuable connections.

So they are the reasons why I open my doors.....because these last couple of days while I frantically rush around I sometimes forget them....the down sides are....

1. The Big Clean !!! My little cottage is not as clean as perhaps it should be so opening my home to the public does concentrate the mind somewhat. I have found dust and cobwebs everywhere and just when I think I am on top of things, another corner stares straight at me ,so please forgive 'the lived in look'.

2. I haven't enough work to show!!! This is just simply inside my head,because if there is one thing I am, it is prolific. Obviously some work is better that others but I am sure I have enough.However when I feel panicked my instinct is to paint more not to sort it all out and get it ready for framing.


3. The Big Hang!!!! Now I have all my work in front of me what do I frame, what do I hang and where do I hang it. ????

I am exceptionally lucky I have a very patient husband who will pop hooks in anywhere and promptly take them out again when I state how wrong that looks. I try to show a variety of my work , but inevitably someone comes and asks about a piece I have failed to hang. The old saying "you can't please everyone" comes to mind. 


4. Will anyone turn up? I will just have to wait and see, I have done open studios twice before and have luckily had a steady stream of visitors both times, I know it feels a bit weird walking into a strangers house but it has worked well here. It can be like waiting for a bus, I wait for a while then everyone turns up at once.Visitors have always been lovely ,very complimentary and interested in what I do .It is always good to see paintings  in reality ( I hope!)

So if you can make it to my small part of Mid Devon please do, it will be so lovely to meet you

I live and work in Coleford near Crediton I will be open for DOS on 9/10/11/15/16/17/18/22/23/24 September 11-6 pm I live at Hillhaven Cottage Coleford EX17 5DE

From Exeter go through Crediton and turn left for Coleford Go straight over the crossroads in village centre and my home is 50 yds up the hill on the left

If my hubby has done his job right it should all be well signposted.


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I’m coming to visit! Looking forward to seeing your work ‘in the flesh’ again :D


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