Happy New Year and a look back at 2022 x

Happy New Year and a look back at 2022 x

Perhaps it's the time of year, or perhaps it's my age, but I have been looking back , at when I first began to promote my work as a watercolour artist. I looked through my oldest blogs to see how things have changed and thought I would post my very first blog from 2016 , they were certainly shorter and more to the point back then,

First post

Hi everyone so this is my first blog post on my new website. I am so pleased you have taken the time to look at what I do.

I am a self taught artist who paints from a small cob cottage in a village nestled in the lanes and rolling hills of Mid Devon.  I  painted for many years without showing anyone except very close family and friends. But around 4 years ago I tentatively showed my art to some work colleagues, they were very complimentary and one even asked if she could buy a painting! A seed was sown. So I hope you enjoy seeing what I paint and where my painting will lead me  ........


I am so pleased to say that here I am 6 years later still painting, and more importantly still enjoying what I do 

2022, was a difficult year for many of us, and I continue to cope with some health issues and a body that doesn't always do what I want it to. That said however last year was a good one, for me. I continued to paint and continued to have people pay their hard earned money for my work.

I brought out my own calendar, for the first time.



I had no idea how many to order, or what people would think, I am so lucky that nearly all of them have sold, and I have some pointers for next year... but any comments from any of you will be gratefully received.

I also published a book for the first time ever, of my swimming women along with my poems . I was so thrilled by the response it got. I shall continue selling them , for as long as people show an interest, Thankyou so much to anyone who bought one.

This year has been a year of firsts...but also a year to consolidate what I do. I have continued to paint as often as I can , discovered a new way to paint light. I love to master new things and when the result is pleasing it is such a joy.

 Continued to challenge myself with portraits

and seascapes

 It has been a year to try to get better at subjects I love too, Like a swan landing.

A year when I got a runners up prize for one of my bees

and another highlight was getting into the Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition this year with my crow piece.


Oh I have had my failures too...but I learn from them and move on

I have been lucky enough to create new commissions for people, and I find great joy , especially when a painting is loved by the recipient.

The end of the year brought new challenges , postal strikes, items not arriving. Having to issue refunds through no fault of my own, but such is the lot of a small business that relies on Royal Mail.

All in all 2022 was a good year, and in 2023 I will try my best to keep painting, keep trying new things and keep challenging myself, as I have found if I take risks, nine times out of ten, they pay off.


Happy New Year to all of you, your input , your comments and your support is wonderful , thank you x



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Rachel you are pure talent and I just love everything you do. Thank you for sharing it with us 😍

Wendy J Edwards

Your watercolours are beautiful, Rachel, and it’s lovely to see how you have progressed over the last few years.
Creating the landing swan must have been a huge challenge and how pleasing to achieve. Good luck with your art/career. Betty

Betty (the wood fairy)

I like to read your blogs and love your work. I recently saw a swan taking flight and it reminded me of your painting! Beautiful ! Thank You for sharing and I look forward to another year following your progress. 🌻

Lynne Pearson

Thank you for being able to see your beautiful work via social media. I purchased your calendar and I have it hanging where I can see it every day. Hope 2023 is a good year for all.


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