Top 10 of My Watercolour Blunders

Top 10 of My Watercolour Blunders

I thought I would have a bit of fun and tell you my top 10 watercolour blunders...regularly done by ,me counting down from 10 to 1....

At 10 ....Not washing my brushes properly before I start painting.

At 9 ...Beginning with a bad sketch that turns into a bad painting !

At 8...Poor composition !

At 7....Dipping my brush in the wrong colour !!

At 6 ....Pulling the paper off with the masking tape!

At 5 ..keeping going till the colours get muddy

At 4...not waiting till the masking fluid is dry !!!

At 3 Not changing the water often enough ....

At 2... getting a droplet of water on the brush then it drops on the painting ruining a delicate part of the painting like the eye of an animal !

At 1 ..every watercolourists nemesis dipping the brush in my tea!!!


  • sean gray

    Just seen your work on twitter fantastic how much is your original puffin and blue tits

  • Beverly JOHNSTON

    I love #1, dipping your brush into your tea. Did it make the tea taste better?

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