WatercoloursbyRachel visits the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Exhibition

WatercoloursbyRachel visits the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Exhibition

Hi, here i am back in rural Mid Devon, after my whistle-stop tour of some of the art galleries of London yesterday. Phew, I am a very tired but happy artist , returning to my more natural home of a studio surrounded by clouds, and fields, birds and trees. We really are experiencing four seasons in one day, sunshine, showers, cold and warmth, but I am home, buzzing with ideas and raring to go, once I can pluck up the energy. Central London, a million miles away from my little village.

I may have mentioned before that I am a self taught artist. I loved art at school but I managed to fail my art 'o' level , along with most of my other 'o' levels! So I  filed away any artistic ambitions I had. I decided I enjoyed it but obviously had no skill. 

I went into a career working with adults and children with learning difficulties, learning about horticulture, aromatherapy , reflexology , creative writing etc etc along the way. I think I am someone who learns best when I see a purpose and I enjoy it. However  , in my spare time, I never stopped painting. 

So fast forward to today, and I still 'pinch' myself as to where I have landed. I was so thrilled to have a piece accepted into the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Exhibition, and even more thrilled it was a bee. Having never had any formal training, and to be a part of something like this alongside some of my watercolour heroes means I must be doing something right.

My bee left for London a few weeks ago, it was then hung along with around 400 other watercolour based paintings at the Mall Galleries


which are just off Trafalgar Square in London.


Half the painters are by RI members and are not judged. The other 200 have to get in from the hundreds that are submitted, my bee falls into the latter category.

We caught the train early from Exeter yesterday morning, arrived in London around lunchtime.

I tried to make myself look presentable, then off to the Mall Galleries to the preview of the show

Very excited ( much to my husband's amusement ).

We fond my bee in the smaller gallery , and wow it had a little red dot !! the way galleries say they have sold.

Then to be impressed by artists like David Parfitt RI

and Ann Bockley RI 

So many amazing pieces to see, and be amazed by.

Some stretched my understanding, others were unusual subjects. 

But here I was in the mix, celebrating the wonders of watercolour.

We watched and listened to the speeches and the prize giving.

Then we left, happy and excited. My bee is on the Mall!

We walked over to the National Gallery, and wondered at the Turners and Impressionists,


and then treated ourselves to tea and cake. 


Finally we found an old London pub and had  celebratory drink and arrived at Paddington Station in time to get our train home.

I love my job, I love to paint, and I love to share it with you all, your kind comments and enthusiastic praise spurs me on. Thanks everyone x 



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Wow! That’s fantastic, I love your bee, congratulations 💕 am hoping to catch the exhibition so will check out your entry x


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