What a week ! The Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition

What a week ! The Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition

It is safe to say that the past seven days have been some I shall never forget, probably for those of us in the UK none of us will forget them, put I am not talking about anything to do with politics I mean on a personal level.

I live in a little bubble here in beautiful Devon and I have said before that it informs my work, a walk up my lane with the hedgerows brimming with life, bees buzzing, and  floral displays that could challenge for a gold medal at Chelsea.  I also have a such a great following that the feedback I get from everyone on Facebook and Twitter is so positive I love to post my work and make connections all over the place.But I have no idea if what I do is artistically any good and I have been pondering as well as to whether that matters or not? I go with the flow and paint what 'feels' right so to get a piece exhibited in London was a big deal.

Travelling down to London from Devon was exciting, I spent the day at the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery soaking in some inspiring and amazing art. Then the preview at the Mall Galleries and I was truly overwhelmed by the wildlife art I saw. To be a part of that was an honour, we journeyed  back buzzing and excited, what a day!

But by Tuesday morning I have to admit I felt a bit deflated, what was I doing? All that wonderful art in one day had suddenly made me doubt my own ability. "My little watercolours  What did I think I was doing ?"

Thankfully that feeling didn't last too long, and gradually new ideas are starting to germinate.Now all I want to do is paint and experiment and hopefully enter again next year with something maybe bigger in scale and pushing watercolours a bit further.

I have realised that if I don't test myself I may never venture from my rural idyl ...and I may not have more new and exciting adventures, wish me luck .



  • sarah-jane waller

    Rachel i have been looking at your blog – and it is safe to say this is exactly how i feel over my own personal work – These few words are my thoughts and my mind – and you writing it down, has given me the inspiration to carry on and fight myself and go back to what I enjoy doing! Your work is beautiful and i like the way you speak and the determination to be just you! Well done to you!

  • Steve

    Good luck! It’s a joy every day to see each new piece that you create.

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