Why I love painting in Payne's Grey

Why I love painting in Payne's Grey

I am slowly getting back to normal after a hectic couple of weeks I am very busy working on a big commission and other smaller commissions I have also. Lots of new challenges and thought processes and so when I need to unwind I love to paint in Payne's Grey

Firstly it means I have no colour choices to make, None of that figuring out what to do, if you paint like me ( very untidily ) I often find myself thinking the colour will be yellow ochre only to find cobalt blue still on the brush and I am busily trying to cope with a rescue mission. Or when painting something new not knowing which colour to use. Painting in just Payne's grey frees me from all that , it is like reading a real page turner after a really challenging novel. So with my elephants I can just lose myself in the piece....

I also love Paynes grey because it contains blue as well as black and so when you flood the paper with it who knows what will happen , the blues come out magically and uncontrollably on their own and so I have the pure joy of seeing what will happen.....


I also like to add just one touch of color to contrast with the Payne's grey but as this is usually the eyes ( my absolute favourite thing to paint ) then that is no bother.

I love the way Paynes grey because it goes from the darkest dark to the lightest light so it is economical and yet the finished piece is complex. I can achieve  ( hopefully) what I am looking for , the essence of the subject without saying too much. Like the best pencil sketches do...so I love to do landscapes in Paynes grey too

So after a busy few weeks or when I am tired then Paynes Grey is the perfect way to relax 




  • David Nolan

    You are a very talented artist and I wish I could be as good! One of my favourite colours, the only thing I reach for to darken another colour. I lied a bit there as violet is also a good darkener. Together makes a great “black”.

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