Why Paint ?

Why Paint ?

So why do I paint, I know I am not trying to convey a deep and meaningful message through my art, I have no political agenda and I am certainly not out to shock. So why do I paint? It is something that is deep within me, I think, a need that needs fulfilling  an itch I need to scratch.

We all paint as children and most people say to me now "oh I wish I could draw or paint" much as people wish they could sing or play a musical instrument. But I didn't carry on painting after I left school because I had any great talent for it, it was simply because it gave me joy ..... and it did for many years before I was lucky enough to earn a living at it.

So essentially that is why.I love the process , I know I could take a photo but a painting is different. We all ( me included) snap away with our phones but when you sit in a field and look, really look and paint the way it feels you never forget that scene...

I can still remember sitting in this field in Sussex two summers ago, and a hazy summers day,and looking through the wild flowers and the grasses.

So I paint to enjoy a place, to feel what the place is like, to really look and to cement a moment in time, I like to sketch when we are out and about on holiday, or on a day trip to capture moods that I can use at a later date, things to file away in my memory.

This is my little girl quite a few years ago now at Budleigh, but I look at this and I remember the salty wind and her hair whipping round her face, happy memories .

I also paint because I enjoy actually painting the craft of it. I like to make a real thing or place emerge from a blank piece of paper. I love the magic of it , watercolour is portable and versatile, it can be a tricky beast but it always surprises me and the more I use it the more |I can make it do.

I like to practice subjects I love, I love to paint eyes they are like the icing on the cake ,the treats in a painting ,so painting my lovely cat Marty was no exception

I also love to paint when we are on holiday, my biggest challenge is painting the sea, I love the sea but it isn't perhaps the thing I paint best. So at the end of a very happy day in Cornwall I did this quick sketch, I know we all felt happy and sun kissed, the tide was out and there were just a few people with us on the beach , a quick 30 minute sketch and I have  something to use when I get home

Other days I just feel the need to paint what is just around the corner , literally a favourite tree, in Spring

And finally I paint because it is a challenge, everyday I wonder will it work out ok? I am striving to be better, to get the painting done better but  I do worry that it will all go wrong.

 Painting becomes addictive ,so I paint because it is something I can do but it is always different and  I will never stop learning.To paint a new flower for the first time is a challenge and the because I am in control I add a bee...why? Because I can.


  • Mary Alcock

    I try to paint but I am lazy and need to be inspired. I haveto have a reason to do it. If someone asks me to do it, I can usually pull it out the bag, but find it hard to do it for myself. I love your work. Thank you.

  • EdieB

    A good article and at the right time for me. Thank you

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