Winter Inspiration

Winter Inspiration

It's definitely that time of year. Christmas is over and the the short , dark days of winter are upon us, I so look forward to the first signs of Spring and the warmer days of summer. However as an artist there is a lot to inspire in the winter landscape. I adore winter trees

and yesterday we managed a very snowy wintry walk around our village. Coleford almost looked like a Christmas card with a covering of snow.



Trees hold a great fascination , winter and summer. But especially in winter when the sunlight hits the trunks, the amazing shapes  silhouetted against the sky 

I walk everyday and I think that is so important to my work. I always see something that inspires me , a seed-head, a robin in the hedge, a buzzard flying overhead. In the winter the greenery is paired back and I have an opportunity to really see what is there.

Winter also seems to show off some animals to their very best. although here in Devon we don't get a lot of snow it does get cold and frosty, and some animals just look better in the snow .Red squirrels and foxes  along with highland cows , it has just come to mind that it is the lovely gingery colour they all share that just looks so good in a snowy landscape.

I realise when I look back at my work that the seasons influence what I do , I paint more landscapes in my beloved paynes grey 

There also have been some stunning skies this time of year, and they look so amazing against the Mid Devon wintry landscape 

So instead of hunkering down, and not going out. Winter is a time to see a different type of beauty and embrace it. Be inspired by what you can see around you , and keep warm and safe

Better de-ice my paint brush....!

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You Always INSPIRE ME….and I Really learn alot both about painting AND ENGLAND… I am in MONTANA (USA)


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