How to paint a woodpecker ( or the long wait.....)

How to paint a woodpecker ( or the long wait.....)

This week has been a good one for me , and I enjoy sharing what I am up to with you all especially when it is good news.I have had 2 paintings accepted into the David Shepherd Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition . Friday was a long day as I knew the emails were on their way .

 I have had my share of failures, believe me from failing my art 'o' level at 16 to having commissions rejected and not making it into certain exhibitions.I think these things make the good days even sweeter,but it is a challenge putting yourself 'out there' to be judged. My advice to anyone thinking of entering a competition is to see the standard that was in the previous years exhibition and see if you think it's worth having a go. Then be prepared for the result , don't tell too many people so you can keep some of the pressure off and remember you may need to try a few times before you make it in .

So while I waited on Friday, what does a wildlife artist do to fill in the time? I know paint a woodpecker, one of my favourite birds

1. Sketch out the bird 



2. Once that is done I use masking fluid to mark out the white markings on the wings . Then I can paint the bluey black feathers without worrying about it.



3. Now I can lose myself in the detail



I always start with the eye, then add some blues into the black to add shine, work your way down the bird step by step, making decisions as you go.


4.It has taken my mind of the emails,and my woodpecker is nearly done. I let it all dry then rub off the masking fluid, and add some flicks and splatters for movement 


Finally I want to say thank you.

I sit in a little bubble here in Devon, and I connect with the world via my computer. Every connection helps and gives me the confidence to try new things my watercolours have taken me to some wonderful places , and it's nice to be able to share it with you x

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L'actu Buzz, Insolite, Choc, Faits

Ive loved following this painting and would love to have a go but i struggle with the initial sketch getting the size and proprtions right. Where and how can i get line drawings. Can they be copied and printed off?

Liz Ferron

I love your refreshing approach to watercolor painting. It looks so spontaneous, but I know it takes planning, practice and know-how to achieve the results you routinely share with us.

Thanks for sharing your talent and expertise!



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