New ! Love the skin you're in with poems

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Set of four art cards - each design has been faithfully reproduced from one of my watercolour studies from my very popular paintings of real women enjoying the water.and friendship .These cards include the poems one on each card 

Three friends are we ,older and wiser?

Our hair has gone grey , and our waists have got wider.

We no longer spend nights thinking about teenage crushes

Now it’s mood swings that plague us and lots of hot flushes.

But our swimsuits are bright and together we swim

Enjoying our friendship and the skin that we’re in.


Two good friends went for a swim

The one who was fat wished she was thin

The slim one envied her friends lovely shape

The jokes that she told and the stuff she could make

But they both felt comfortable just being together

So throw on your swimsuit , if your fat or your thin

Have fun with your bestie, love the skin that you’re in


We are women of a certain age and we have done a lot of stuff

We are mums and wives and workers, sometimes it was tough

Our bodies have been altered by the ravishes of time

Sometimes when I look down on it, I’m not even sure it’s mine.

We are warriors with cellulite, we may wobble but we’re strong

We are women of a certain age and our struggle is life long!


Three good friends went for a swim,

the one who was fat wished she was thin.

The one she was curvy wished she was clever.

The one who was clever wished she swam better.

The really great swimmer wished she was witty

The one who was witty wished she was pretty

All three friends thought the other's were fine

They need to let their own bright light shine

So throw on your swimsuit ,if you're fat or you're thin

Enjoy fun and friendship .... love the skin that you're in

Each card is 21 cm by 15 cm, comes with envelope and cellophane wrapped and is left blank for your own message.