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I'm a menopausal Mermaid (Limited edition print with words)

I'm a menopausal Mermaid (Limited edition print with words)

limited edition signed print each one is signed and numbered 

22cm x 15cm approx 

This is a new print for me with added words, my popular image of a menopausal mermaid

I’m a Menopausal Mermaid
I’m a menopausal mermaid. I refuse to disappear.
I have all sorts of symptoms but I'll make one thing very clear.
Despite my achy joints, weight gain, and the sweats
I want to grasp each day with glee and live without regrets.
My tummy may be rounder, my libido may have gone.
But I love to be a mermaid so I’m going to carry on.
You do what makes you happy, through choppy waters we will glide.
I’ll be with you metaphorically, women swimming side by side.
By Rachel Toll


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