*NEW* Are we too old to be a mermaids ? ( print)

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limited edition signed print each one is signed and numbered 

21cm x 26cm approx ( including 2.5cm border) 


Inspired by but not including the poem 

Are we too too old to be mermaids ?...
Are we too too old to be mermaids, with our saggy boobs and wrinkly tums?
Are we too too old to be mermaids ,at least our tail hides our aging bums?
Our hair is grey and thinning, we've lost our flowing mermaid locks
Shall we leave it to the younger ones....to sit posing on the rocks?
But the ocean sets us free you see, it’s where we feel the most alive
When we glide beneath the waves , through the glistening surf we dive.
So we're NOT too old to be mermaids , We'll keep swimming till we die
You should do what makes your heart sing , let’s be mermaids you and I !
By Rachel Toll

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