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Asymetric mermaid

Asymetric mermaid

 An original watercolour of a proud happy older mermaid who has had a mastectomy

21cm x 30cm 

Inspired me to write this poem 

Asymmetric Mermaid...

I am an asymmetric mermaid; I show signs of wear and tear.

Not all my scars are visible, we all have things that make us scared

Life throws all kinds of challenges, and we try to do our best.

I know that what I’ve faced in life, it helps me understand the rest.

I can celebrate my body now, look down on it with hope.

It’s made a new life possible, with one boob, I can cope.

Let’s celebrate our differences, cling on when things are tough

I’ve swum through stormy waters, and I know that I’m enough.

We’ll cheer as someone braves the world who feels insecure or odd.

Each small triumph, each new fear faced, as upon the earth we plod.

Rachel Toll




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