Am I too old to be a mermaid ?

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28cm x 38cm original watercolour of a life loving older mermaid, inspired by my poem

Am I too old to be a mermaid....
Am I too old to be a mermaid, with my saggy boobs and wrinkly tum?
Is the sea life for the young ones , has my mermaid life been swum?
Oh my hair is grey and thinning, I’ve lost my flowing mermaid locks
Shall I leave it to the younger sit posing on the rocks?
But the ocean sets me free you see, it’s where I feel the most alive
When I glide beneath the waves or through the glistening surf I dive.
So as long as I keep moving, I’ll keep swimming till I die
You should do what makes your heart sing , let’s be mermaids you and I !
Rachel Toll

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